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Author: Anthony "Tas" Tasgal

Business presentations could be simpler, more engaging and so much more effective, and our business lives so much more rewarding if we remember to restore the emotional power of storytelling.

In an age that is Data Rich but Insight-Poor and when most people in the world of business find themselves caught up in a system of numbers and spread sheets, this book shows that the time has come to restore the lost art of storytelling; to put the “author” back in “authority”; to write less and think more.

Though a simple step-by step approach, the author shows that we need to change how we communicate in our day-to-day lives, and that if we revert to our inherent role as storytellers we are more likely to be both more effective and productive, and a lot less frustrated into the bargain.


About the Author

Anthony Tasgal

Anthony Tasgal spent 15 years as an ad agency planner before setting up POV, a strategic brand consultancy. He is a Training Director for the CIM and a Visiting Lecturer at Buckingham, Nottingham Trent and Beijing Normal Universities.


Patrick Collister, Head of Design (Google)

“There isn't a dull page to this book. It fizzes with anecdotes and asides, which reveal the depths of the author's knowledge as well as the breadth of his experience. Anyone who can quote Bertrand Russell and Stephen Hawking on the one hand and Depeche Mode and Morrissey on the other is not someone stuck in an intellectual niche. There is a delight in language and some very good jokes. I for one would love to see tick-boxing become a competitive sport. “

Sue Unerman, Chief Strategy Officer (MediaCom)

"Really readable, and makes excellent points. It has reminded me to keep the stories to hand when I'm writing or editing work, and not just the logical arguments".

Gordon Pincott, Chairman Global Solutions (Millward Brown)

“Combining stimulating anecdotes and references with practical advice, Tas puts his love of words and their origins to great use in urging all of us in business to unleash the power of storytelling to help persuade, sell and inspire”.

Anne Blackie, Head of Bids and Client Care (Grant Thornton UK)

“We are all bombarded with multiple messages each day, so standing out from the crowd with a compelling story is becoming increasingly important. The Storytelling Book is a highly readable and useful manual and provides both great tips on how to give meaning to your story so you cut above the noise and the easy traps to avoid when creating your story.”

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